Overall Length 455 feet
Beam 62 feet
Displacement 14,873 Tons
Speed 17 knots +

Crew Officers 55 - Enlisted 477
Troops Officers 87 - Enlisted 1,475

4 twin 40 mm anti-aircraft mounts
5 inch (during WWII and Korean deployments)

Boat Compliment
2 LCM "Mike" Landing Craft
12 LCVP "Papa" Landing Craft
3 LCPU "Utility" Landing Craft


Prepared For Everything

When on the West Coast during the Korean War Call Letters were: NPPH
Call Sign: Dipper Victor

Haskell Class Attack Transport
Built by Permanete Metals Corp., Richmond, CA
Named after Telfair County, Georgia

Radio Call Letters: NISC
Call Sign: Imperial Foxtrot

Keel Laid May 30, 1944
Launched August 30, 1944
Commissioned October 31, 1944
Final Decommissioned October 31, 1968

Telfair's Nameboard is in the U S Navy Museum,
Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC.
Her Nameboard is all the way in the back, hidden behind the Trieste!

Former Commanding Officers
CDR L. O. Armel, USNR 10-31-44 to 10-45
CAPT J. H. Hogg, USN 10-45 to 2-46
CAPT S. H. Crittenden, Jr. USN 2-46 to 7-47

Out of Commission in Reserve

CAPT J. Andrews, USN 9-12-50 to 8-8-51
CAPT C. G. Corey, USN 8-8-51 to 7-29-52
CAPT G. N. Johansen, USN 7-29-52 to 5-15-53
CAPT O. D. T. Lynch 5-15-53 to 8-2-54
CAPT J. G. Spangler, USN 8-2-54 to 10-55
CAPT C. E. King, USN 10-55 to 10-56
CAPT J. C. Nichols, USN 10-56 to 2-58

Out of Commission in Reserve

CAPT E. M. Higgins, USN 11-22-61 to 12-20-62
CAPT F. C. Wyse, USN 12-20-62 to 10-4-63
CAPT S. H. MacGregor, Jr, USN 10-4-63 to 10-2-64
CAPT A. R. Seiler, USN 10-2-64 to 9-30-65
CAPT D. E. Bunting, USN 9-30-65 to 10-19-66
CAPT L. W. Moffit, USN 10-19-66 to 10-25-67
CAPT N. H. Morgan, USN 10-25-67 to 8-9-68
CDR F. H. Shaw, USN 8-9-68 to 10-31-68

Final decommissioning 31 Oct 1968.