4 twin 40 mm anti-aircraft mounts
5 inch (during WWII and Korean deployments)

Boat Compliment
2 LCM "Mike" Landing Craft
12 LCVP "Papa" Landing Craft
3 LCPU "Utility" Landing Craft


Prepared For Everything

When on the West Coast during the Korean War Call Letters were: NPPH
Call Sign: Dipper Victor

Overall Length 455 feet
Beam 62 feet
Displacement 14,873 Tons
Speed 17 knots +

Crew Officers 55 - Enlisted 477
Troops Officers 87 - Enlisted 1,475

Telfair's Nameboard is in the U S Navy Museum,
Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC.
Her Nameboard is all the way in the back, hidden behind the Trieste!

Keel Laid May 30, 1944
Launched August 30, 1944
Commissioned October 31, 1944
Final Decommissioned October 31, 1968

Haskell Class Attack Transport
Built by Permanete Metals Corp., Richmond, CA
Named after Telfair County, Georgia

Radio Call Letters: NISC
Call Sign: Imperial Foxtrot

Former Commanding Officers
CDR L. O. Armel, USNR 10-31-44 to 10-45
CAPT J. H. Hogg, USN 10-45 to 2-46
CAPT S. H. Crittenden, Jr. USN 2-46 to 7-47

Out of Commission in Reserve

CAPT J. Andrews, USN 9-12-50 to 8-8-51
CAPT C. G. Corey, USN 8-8-51 to 7-29-52
CAPT G. N. Johansen, USN 7-29-52 to 5-15-53
CAPT O. D. T. Lynch 5-15-53 to 8-2-54
CAPT J. G. Spangler, USN 8-2-54 to 10-55
CAPT C. E. King, USN 10-55 to 10-56
CAPT J. C. Nichols, USN 10-56 to 2-58

Out of Commission in Reserve

CAPT E. M. Higgins, USN 11-22-61 to 12-20-62
CAPT F. C. Wyse, USN 12-20-62 to 10-4-63
CAPT S. H. MacGregor, Jr, USN 10-4-63 to 10-2-64
CAPT A. R. Seiler, USN 10-2-64 to 9-30-65
CAPT D. E. Bunting, USN 9-30-65 to 10-19-66
CAPT L. W. Moffit, USN 10-19-66 to 10-25-67
CAPT N. H. Morgan, USN 10-25-67 to 8-9-68
CDR F. H. Shaw, USN 8-9-68 to 10-31-68

Final decommissioning 31 Oct 1968.