A Telfair story written by Sgt. Terry V. Bills, Jr., USMC

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Memories of
Clayton Satterlee
(RM2 July ‘64 to June ‘66)

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"ALL HANDS" Magazine - July 1956

Interesting story relating how permission was given to take family members along on a cruise from San Diego to Hawaii.  CLICK HERE for article.

(Article courtesy John Tonyes)

“Just a point of interest for anyone that might be curious. The picture shows something hanging from the starboard anchor. This occurred in 1964/65, forgot exactly, but we were anchored off of Little Creek at the time doing some amphib operations, and the State was in the process of building the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. We weighed anchor and this thing was attached to the starboard anchor. We think it was one of the tanks that were used at the time to float portions of the bridge tunnel out to the construction site. We couldn’t free it as it was hung on one of the flukes of the anchor. We ended up steaming back into the anchorage off of the Naval Station at the time and got a barge to extract the tank from the anchor.”
Story by John Kolenda – Photo courtesy of Gordon Pritchett

The Cliffs of Kobe Sho, August 1955
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Memories of Clayton Satterlee

Officers Photo -- Hong Kong 1952

Actress Carroll Baker helped Telfair celebrate the holidays in Naples in 1966

(hard to believe she just turned 85 on May 28, 2016)

Life Magazine, January 13, 1967. On the Miscellany page (last page) appears a photograph of a Marine carrying an ironing board up the brow. Click the picture or here to view full magazine page.